YP Spotlight-December 2016


PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT: Family Physical Therapy. I provide outreach to a few area schools and half to Kearney High School.

JOB TITLE: Athletic Trainer

FAVORITE ASPECT OF JOB: This would have to be working with the student athletes. I enjoy building relationships and helping them achieve their athletic goals while keeping them safe and healthy.

MOST UNIQUE CASE YOU HAVE SEEN THUS FAR IN YOUR CAREER: I had an athlete who had sprained his ACL, MCL and PCL. After such a devastating injury and long rehab, it has been rewarding to see him play varsity football this season with only occasional patellar tendon pain.

ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: My ultimate career goal is to deliver athletic training services full time to one school. In my opinion athletic trainers have a tremendous amount of skills that can be offered to a school but it is difficult to reach this full potential if divided among numerous sites.