YP Spotlight-Annica Morrison

Annica Morrison


PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT: University of Iowa

JOB TITLE: Assistant Athletic Trainer

FAVORITE ASPECT OF JOB: Watching a student-athlete return to play following an injury.

MOST UNIQUE CASE YOU’VE SEEN THUS FAR IN YOUR CAREER: I would say the most unique cases  that I have dealt with so far in my career is having to rehab 5 ACL cases at one time. Last season, a freshman came into preseason 6 weeks post-op ACL-R.  Then over a month’s span there were 4 other ACL-R cases on the team. This was unique to me because although some of the cases happened in a short space of time, I had to make sure I was organized, knew where each student-athlete was in their rehab progression, and stay in constant communication with our team physician and the physical therapist working with the student-athletes.  At the same time, I was trying to piece together a reason/pattern of why this occurred. It was also very important to me that the student-athletes felt that I was still giving them the individual attention needed during their rehab sessions and that they could always come to me to talk, vent, or provide answers to any questions they or their parents had while they were going through this difficult process.

ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: There are different facets of athletic training that appeal to me; I believe that my ultimate career goal would be to become an Associate Director or Director of Athletic Training Services at a University.  I enjoy rehab because it gives me the opportunity to be creative with the exercises for the athletes. I also like the administrative side of athletic training. I have been involved with searches for graduate assistants and athletic training staff positions, as well as reviewing/rewriting policies and procedures.