Young Professional Spotlight – January 2016 Andrew Mohr

Andrew Mohr
Andrew Mohr


PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT: Iowa Western Community College

JOB TITLE: Assistant Athletic Trainer and Adjunct Faculty Member

FAVORITE ASPECT OF JOB: The challenges of keeping up with the changing field of sports medicine. Having to keep your nose in the literature and always looking for the best and most efficient ways to treat the myriad of injuries we see on a daily basis.

MOST UNIQUE CASE YOU HAVE SEEN THUS FAR IN YOUR CAREER: I have seen a simple calf strain turn into a DVT case. This case happened very early in my career while working as a graduate assistant but it showed me that no injury should be taken lightly and why athletic trainers are so important. It taught me that no matter the injury or situation athletic trainers are required to know how to respond and what signs and symptoms to look for. We are expected to treat and be knowledgeable of not only orthopedic injuries but many general medical conditions and illness as well.

ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: I am torn on this question. I am the type of person that takes each day as it comes and haven’t really thought about an ultimate career goal. I enjoy the position that I am in currently where I can treat athletes daily but also teach the next generation of athletic training students. I suppose if you twisted my arm working at the Olympic Training Center would be a pretty sweet gig.