VMAATA 2021 Free Communications – CALL FOR PROPOSALS

The Call for proposals for Free Communications is now open. This is a call for free communications presentations for Certified Athletic Trainers who would like to present a poster presentation at VMAATA 2021. The submission deadline is 5:00pm Central Time on January 29, 2021. If accepted, presenters must register as an attendee for VMAATA 2021.

Those who have proposals accepted will be notified in February and will be asked to follow these guidelines:

  • Make a 5 minute or less power point presentation that includes 3 slides: #1 is their name (and any credentials), school or place of employment, and the title of their poster. #2 is the actual poster slide. #3 is their email address and anything else they would like to include. They will spend the majority of the time on slide #2. In power point there are laser pointers and highlighters that can be used during the presentation (see the link below for more info about this function).
  • Record in Power Point. To do this, I have included a link to a video tutorial. (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/video-record-presentations-2570dff5-f81c-40bc-b404-e04e95ffab33)
  • Save the file as a “power point show”. The file name could be: First Name Last Name 2021 Virtual Poster
  • Upload the file to: https://www.dropbox.com/request/VEanVOMwKx3pX59vBfpK

Direct any questions to Dr. David Carr. (WDavidCarr@MIssouriState.edu)


This form is currently closed for submissions.