Test Changes

Defaulting Allergy Categories


Change Cycle: February 2021
Solutions Impacted: All
Roles Impacted: All
Reason for Change: Expedite documentation of allergies in the domains
Impact: Moderate
Opt-In/Out: NA

Change Date: Week of 03/22/2021
Environment(s): A, B, C, F, H, I, O
Non-Prod Builds: CONTENT

Associated SR/CR: 429319302

Post-Install SR/CR:


This change will allow the defaulting of the Environmental or Food category if the allergy is documented within MPages. You will not see these categories default if documenting allergies via the Allergies component within the Table of Contents (Dark Menu).

Each allergy had to be identified and associated individually. There is a chance that one was missed. Please reach out to me on your domain’s Review and Education page if one identified as being missed.