Test Changes

Progress Note Rules


Change Cycle: March 2021
Solutions Impacted: Rehab
Roles Impacted: PT, OT, SLP
Reason for Change: Documentation content and rule updates
Impact: Medium
Opt-In/Out: Must opt-in to rules for the workflow

Change Date: Week of 3/22/2021
Environment(s): A, B, C
Non-Prod Builds: CONTENT

Associated SR/CR: CRQ000003710927

Post-Install SR/CR:


1)Patient is registered with a reoccurring outpatient encounter 
2)PT/OT/SLP completes the evaluation powerform with time spent with patient complete(treatment time is what triggers visit count ) 
3) PT/OT/SLP Daily Doc is completed
8) On 9th visit the progress note fires to task list 
9)Once progress note complete dta is selected the count resets to zero

*To opt-in to these rules in PROD please log a ticket to AMS, for the below rules. 
*To  opt-in to these rules in NON-PROD please email bridget.almond@cerner.com