Student Spotlight-SLC Secretaries

Sarah Nielsen

Sarah Nielsen
Sarah Nielsen

SLC Position: 2014-2015 Secretary
School: Iowa State University (Graduated)
Clinical Rotations:
ISU Football
ISU Gymnastics
ISU Women’s Soccer

Why was I a part of DVSLC?
I was a part of the DVSLC because I am very passionate about this profession and I want to see it grow in a positive direction. I had a great preceptor in the program that also encouraged me to apply for the secretary position and I do not regret that decision. It has been a great experience getting to see what all goes on outside of our school’s athletic training program and to be a part of something bigger than what is offered at our school. I also got to meet some amazing people by being a part of this council. I would encourage everyone to think about joining the council, not just for a resume builder, but to get involved more with our profession.

Where do I ultimately want to work as an Athletic Trainer?
I ultimately want to work in Extreme Sports, preferably with the X Games.

What are your plans after graduation?
Still seeking employment/GA position

Jonathan Price
Jonathan Price

Jonathan Price
2015-2016 Secretary
I am currently a junior at Missouri State
University with a minor in Biological Medical Sciences. My clinical experiences include working with the Missouri State University division one football team. As well as the Missouri State University division one women’s soccer team and women’s track team. I have not had the opportunity to attend any internships as of yet, however I am set to begin my Physical Therapy internship through Mercy hospital next summer. I am part of the DVSLC because I have had the opportunity to serve as a state representative for MoATA as well as on the board for Missouri State University’s Athletic Training Student Organization. Though my time in both of these organizations I have learned many things about how the student bodies function at various levels. It is my intention to take what I have learned at these levels and apply it to the district level to elaborate on student involvement. I feel that the decline in student involvement in is a growing issue that needs to be altered. I ultimately see myself working in the clinic, I feel that is where I can have the most substantial influence on improving athlete’s lives. I look forward to working with everyone this coming year as we move towards a stronger DVSLC.