Student Leadership Council Spotlight

Over the next few weeks the Student Leadership Council for District 5 will be highlighting various members throughout the SLC.  This is initiative is aimed at increasing awareness about the SLC so certified and student members of MAATA can learn more about the SLC and those that are involved with it.  The first two to be spotlighted are the outgoing and incoming executive directors of the SLC, Nate Allgaier and Sarah Snodgrass.


Nate Allgaier
Nate Allgaier

Student: Nate Allgaier
SLC Position: 2014-2015 Executive Director
School: Missouri State University
Clinical experiences:

Drury University Athletics
Missouri State Football
Parkview High School
Springfield Central High School
Mercy Health Tracks Rehabilitation
Missouri State Baseball (current)

Student Biography and Experiences:
I joined the District 5 SLC to be part of something bigger than my school’s athletic training program and myself. I saw being a part of the SLC as a great personal growth experience in both leadership and professional responsibility. As the outgoing Executive Director I have had the opportunity to sit on the Board of Directors at the District and National Conventions, which allows for the student voice to be heard. Serving on the SLC really gives you a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes of daily athletic training roles and responsibilities, and actually be a part of the strives that are being taken for the growth of athletic training. Following graduation this May I will be attending Georgia Southern University to pursue a Master of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Athletic Training, while serving as the graduate assistant athletic trainer for East Georgia State College. I will be serving in a head athletic training role and will be responsible for all four sports within the athletics department. My ideal future in athletic training would be working as the athletic trainer for a baseball program at the NCAA Division 1 Level. Being a part of the SLC is a great starting point for becoming a leader in the future, and to get involved at the district and national levels. I strongly feel that my experiences on the SLC gave me an edge up in my candidacy for the GA position that I was offered, and that balancing the SLC responsibilities with my academic and clinical responsibilities will serve as a great foundation of time management skills to apply when serving as a certified athletic trainer moving forward.

Sarah Snodgrass
Sarah Snodgrass

Sarah Snodgrass

Position held with DV student leadership committee: National Athletic Training Students’ Committee, District V representative and Executive Director elect of SLC

A junior in the Athletic Training Program at Missouri Valley College, in Marshall, MO.

Rotations completed: Football, Baseball, Men’s Wrestling, Peak performance, Warsaw High school, Men’s Lacrosse

I’m part of the Student leadership committee because I want to be involved with something that involves students as well as benefits and promotes the growth of athletic training at the student level.

Ultimately, I would love to work as an Athletic Trainer in the military setting or with professional Baseball or Football.