Student Leadership Council Spotlight-Treasurer

Laura Grosz
Laura Grosz

Student: Laura Grosz
SLC Position: 2014-2015 Treasurer
School: The University of Tulsa

Clinical Experiences:
TU Spring and Fall Football
TU Men’s Soccer
TU Women’s Rowing
Union High School
TU Women’s Basketball
TU Men’s and Women’s Tennis
Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Clinic
American Airlines

Student Biography and Experiences:

I joined the District V SLC so I could be more involved with the field of athletic training on a grander scale than just in my state or at my school. It was great to meet students from across the district to discuss different topics within athletic training. This often resulted in students sharing what did and didn’t work in their home schools and states, which led to everyone bettering their school or athletic training student organization events.

The University of Tulsa has given me a wide range of clinical experiences, including part of a semester at the American Airlines maintenance base here in Tulsa. This allowed me a glimpse into industrial athletic training, which is a relatively new but growing field within our profession. One thing I have learned is that there are so many different options in the field of athletic training that the truly difficult part is picking which direction you want to take your degree!

Currently, I am about to get married and move to Oklahoma City where I am interviewing for several different positions. I plan to apply to Physical Therapy school in December and hopefully attend the OU PT school next summer.


Michael Montgomery
Michael Montgomery

Student: Michael Montgomery
SLC Position: 2015-16 Treasurer
School: Iowa State University

Clinical Experiences:
-Iowa State Football
-Iowa State Volleyball
-Iowa State Swimming & Diving
-Kansas City Chiefs

Student Biography and Experiences:

I joined the SLC after encouragement from a preceptor at Iowa State University. To be honest, I was not completely sure what the SLC was all about, but after a short time in the committee I realized it was a great decision. The SLC allows students to experience the business setting of athletic training. The committee also allows students to have a voice in the affairs that occur within our district. My short time in the SLC has allowed me to realize my potential as a leader and take pride in helping student leaders make decisions that benefit athletic training students in District 5 as a whole. I will spend my senior year at Iowa State serving as a student for the men’s basketball team. After the completion of my senior year, I hope to work as a seasonal intern for the Kansas City Chiefs for one year before pursuing a Masters degree in education. Being a part of the SLC has allowed me to meet professionals that I would have not had the opportunity to meet otherwise. The experience will also look great on a resume and give me an edge up when pursuing additional career endeavors.