Proposed MAATA By-Law Amendment – Summer 2021

Topic:  By-Law Amendment

Objective: Inform MAATA Membership of proposed By-Law Amendments.


Please see the documents accompanying this information:

  1. Redline Final Bylaws Worksheet of the MAATA for Membership Reviewidentifies all changes to the existing document in blue.
  2. Clean Final Bylaws Worksheet of the MAATA for Membership Reviewclean copy of the document inclusive of all changes.
  3. MAATA-Bylaws r 3.30.2018existing bylaws.

These are intended to inform you of the proposed amendments for the MAATA bylaws to be considered by the MAATA membership.  As presented in February, this represents phase 2 of the process to update our governing documents.  Phase 1 was completed when the membership voted to approve the amendment to Article 8 (a)(5).  The Governance Committee has been engaged in this exercise since September of 2020.  The final documents have been presented to the Board of Directors by the Governance Committee and approved.  In accordance with the MAATA bylaws, this memo is meant to serve as notification to the membership that changes you will see are being proposed for your consideration.

It is the Boards belief that the amendments should be considered to update the existing bylaws for the following reasons:

  1. To modernize and update antiquated or ambiguous language;
  2. To align our bylaws with the changes made by the NATA with regards to committees and committee structure;
  3. To provide continuity to the board of directors through changes proposed in Article 5, Section d- “Elected State/Voting Board Members.”

Amendment process timeline:

Proposed amendments received by President McKune- 4-7-2021

Proposed amendments submitted to the Board of Directors for introduction- April, 2021

Proposed amendments approved by Board- May 2021

Proposed amendments presented to membership- At least 3 weeks prior to the summer business meeting to be held August 11th.

Amendments reviewed during summer business meeting- August 11th, 2021.

Voting via electronic media- Following the August 11th business meeting.  Voting will open on the 12th and remain open for 2 weeks.  A “yes” vote will approve all proposed changes, a “no” vote will reject all proposed changes.

You are encouraged to read through the proposed changes and discuss any concerns with a member of the Board of Directors prior to the meeting on the 11th and prior to casting your vote during the voting time period.

Thank you in advance for your time, consideration and commitment to the MAATA.