New Application Process for DVATSLC Executive Team and State Delegates

MAATA Athletic Training Student Leadership Council

As part of the NATA’s “Involve and Evolve” initiative, the Mid-America Athletic Trainers’ Association established a student committee made up of officers (Executive Director, President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and one student (delegate) from each state within the district. It is time again to select the new committee for next year.  The newly elected committee members will officially begin their new role (i.e. President elect) at the MAATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia and will assume all responsibilities of the role (President) at the NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia.  The current officers and delegates will also continue working with the committee as “advisors” for the remaining spring semester to assist with the transition.

Please share the attached application for DVATSLC officers with any student you believe meets the criteria and would be willing to serve in one of these roles.  The application is now int a an online format.  In addition to the application, the student will need a letter of recommendation from the AT Program Director, faculty member, or preceptor. The person writing the recommendation should be able to attest to the student’s leadership skills and overall character. The letter must be in a signed and sealed envelope for the application to be considered. The student must also complete an essay (less than 500 words) stating what they believe is the problem leading to the lack of student involvement and proposes a solution to the problem. Specifics for the essay are located in the application.

In terms of the state delegates, each state handles this a little differently.  If your state utilizes the DVATSLC application form to select the state delegate please also share that with students.  If your state has another process, please inform your students of that process so all students interested in getting involved have the opportunity to apply.

Applications and all materials must be submitted no later than February 16th, 2015.

For more information regarding the DVATSLC Executive Officer and State Delegate Applications, please visit the Student Leadership Council Page.


MAATA Athetlic Training Student Leadership Council

Executive Director: Nate Allgaier
President: Andrew Sheridan
Secretary: Sarah Nielsen
Treasurer: Laura Grosz

State Representatives:
Jordan Pierce (IA)
Kristin Bell (KS)
Maria Backes (MO)
Ally Beacom(NE)
Cassie Beseman (ND)
Jay Determan (SD)
Cassie Landgaard (SD)