MAATA Research Grant Guidelines for Applications


Deadline for Submission – 6:00pm (Central) Monday, October 19, 2020

SCOPE OF WORK – Invitation for Proposals

The Mid-America Athletic Trainers’ Association’s (MAATA) Research Grants Committee (RGC) invites proposals focusing on research that will advance the profession of Athletic Training. The total amount available for is approximately $4500.00; however, this amount may vary according to financial support from the MAATA board each year. Investigators are encouraged to submit grant proposals requesting funds for research in the science or practice of Athletic Training or development of instructional technology in any of the domains of athletic training as established by the Board of Certification (BOC). Evaluation of projects is based on scientific merit, significance, innovation and overall impact. Due to limitations in funds and timeline, reviewers understand these proposals will focus on quality, yet limited projects, that can be completed within a year following of the award (March).


  • The deadline for receipt of grant proposals is October 19, 2020 at 6pm, and all proposals should be submitted electronically according to the guidelines below and to the RGC chair.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by the beginning of December.
  • Recipients will receive their awards at the Mid-America Athletic Trainers’ Association Meeting and Symposium in March of each year.


  • The PI should be a member of the MAATA who is certified, eligible for certification (certified-students – graduate level), or professional level athletic training students mentored by a certified athletic trainer.
  • Grants from the Research Grants Committee will be awarded one time, only for the duration of the proposed project and are not renewable.
  • Funds will only be dispersed to an institution; not to an individual.

HOW TO SUBMIT A PROPOSAL: Three items (Title/cover page, full grant proposal and budget worksheet) should be submitted electronically to the chair of the RGC:

  1. Grant Application Title/Cover Page: The principal investigator (PI) should complete the grant application title/cover page. This will be viewed by the MAATA Research Grants Committee chair and vice chair in order to prepare materials (mechanical evaluation, investigator review, conflict of interest, etc.) to be sent out for blind review by committee members.
  2. As PI’s develop their proposal, they should determine the level of funding that would best support the project. The standard awards categories are $500, $1,000, $1,500, and $2000. This will be designated on the title/cover page. Budget guidelines are included in this document.
  3. Grant Proposal: Complete the full grant proposal process as per the template provided and details that follow. Grant proposal writers should not refer to individuals or institutions by name in this portion of the proposal, as this portion will be circulated to reviewers, again for blind review.
  4. Budget Worksheet: The main proposal document contains the narrative for the budget justification; however, this document includes an overview of the items, materials, etc. requested to support the project.
  5. Additional Information: Letters of Support – Letters of support from institution administration can be submitted to demonstrate the ability of a project to be completed within the given timeframe suggested by the PI.

 WHERE TO SUBMIT A PROPOSAL: Final and complete proposal material should be submitted electronically as a word document or a pdf. by 5:00PM CST on the established deadline. Late proposals will not be reviewed. Proposals can be electronically delivered to:

Aric Warren, PhD, ATC


  • The MAATA Research Grants committee will consider requests to support of research, scholarly and creative projects in fields directly associated with the athletic training profession.
  • Grants awarded by the MAATA Research Grants Committee are intended to support limited research projects or development of instructional technology in athletic training.
  • In regards to timeline – the expectation is that the work will be completed AND presented at the MAATA Annual Meeting and Symposia within one year of the award;
    • With attention to this deadline, the data should be collected and analyzed to the extent that a complete abstract proposal is submitted by the October deadline for the Free Communication section of the MAATA Annual Meeting and Symposia;
    • If this deadline cannot be met, the PI should request a no cost extension by October 31 (or deadline of the MAATA Free Communication Deadline).
  • Monies may be used for the cost of paper, surveys, mailings, computer time, collection of statistical data, some perishable materials used in the conduct of research and other minor expenses.
  • Monies may NOT be used:
    • To pay indirect costs (facilities and administrative costs assessed by the institution with which the grantee is associated or under whose auspices the grantee is conducting research funded by this grant).
    • For professional travel not associated with grant related research.
  • The MAATA Research Grants committee will not consider proposals for the preparation and writing of textbooks, or requests for more than two grants in four years by the same PI.
  • All research proposals that utilize human or animal subjects must provide evidence that Institutional Review Board approval has been granted or is being sought. Final IRB authorization is not required at the time of the grant application, but is required prior to the disbursement of funds. Applicants within organizations that do not have Institutional Review Boards (IRB) at their Institutions should follow the Declaration of Helsinki 41st World Medical Assembly regarding human subjects, in which case, all informed consent forms should be provided and attached as appendices.
  • Research projects using existing or publicly available data or any project that falls under exempt status must provide their rationale in the application cover letter.
  • All funds will be disbursed to a sponsoring institution. No funds will be disbursed to individuals.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.

OBLIGATIONS OF AWARD RECIPIENTS: The recipient of an MAATA Grant is obligated upon request to: 

  1. Complete quarterly reports related to project progress, based on the timeline submitted by the principal investigator.
  2. Prepare the results of the project for a free communication poster presentation to the MAATA Annual Symposium within one year of completion of the project.
  3. Prepare and submit an abstract to the NATA Free Communications, sponsored by the NATAREF, at the next NATA Annual Meeting and symposium. This abstract must also be submitted to the MAATA Research Grants committee chair when the study is completed.
  4. Ensure that any individual or agency associated with the conduct of the project will subscribe and adhere to the guidelines for nondiscrimination, reporting obligations and use of funds associated with this award.
  5. Notify the MAATA Research Grants Committee chair of any modifications of the original project or project budget during the time that awards are made available to the recipient.
  6. Prepare an account of funds spent/ disbursed one year from receiving the grant and upon completion of the project.

REVIEW PROCESS: Grant proposals will receive a preliminary review by the RGC chair, then be dispersed to RGC committee members for peer review, according to established standards.

  1. The MAATA Research Grants Committee chair and vice chair will first screen applications for mechanical review including completeness, adherence to application guidelines and investigator ability to complete the project. Proposals not following the application instructions will be returned to the investigator without review.
  2. Proposals meeting the mechanical requirements will then be blinded and distributed to committee members. Each proposal will be evaluated by the committee without reference to specific individuals or institutions involved.
  3. If a committee member has submitted a proposal and/or is a member of a team submitting a proposal, that committee member will not review their own proposal or those from their own institution.
  4. Overall, the merit of the applications will be based primarily on overall impact, significance or innovation within the scope of funding, approach/methodology, considerations for human subjects approval, dissemination and implementation, and rationale for budget. Secondary factors will include ability of the investigators to complete the work within the proposed timeline, facility and environment to complete the work. Please see review guidelines below. Reviews will be returned in a timely fashion to the committee chair.
  5. Once materials have been reviewed, the committee chair will collate and rank the proposals if there is more than one. In cases where ranked proposals are very close and/or there is a need to review how money is distributed, the chair may call a meeting of the full committee to review.
  6. If no research is deemed quality, no monies will be awarded.

MAATA Research Grant Materials and Guidelines 2020 Updated

MAATA Grant Application Title Page

MAATA D5 Budget Worksheet