MAATA Meeting Wrap Up

Greetings District V!!!

First and foremost, thank you very much for a very memorable 36th MAATA Annual Meeting! I know it’s hard to believe that the MAATA Annual Meeting was a month ago but, during that time, I have a few items that I would like to report back to you as your Annual Meeting Coordinator.

-10.5 hours EBP was offered this year to assist our members in earning their required 10 hours of EBP per BOC requirements.

-The new district record for number of attendees was re-established just a few weeks ago in Omaha where 890 of you stopped by to say hi!!! The old record from just last year, 735, was shattered by 155 attendees!!! Great job Nebraska!

-The FMS Pre-Con had great attendance where the participants earned the FMS Level I credential.

-ACES was once again well attended with slightly over 50 students participating.

-Mark your calendars now!!! March 17-19th we will be hosting the 2016 Annual Meeting & Symposium in Springfield, MO at the University Plaza Hotel. More information on this to come within the next few months . . . We are already working on your 2016 Annual Meeting.

Many thanks go out to all who served on the various Annual Meeting planning committees, as their countless hours often go unnoticed, especially when a conference goes well like this year’s meeting did. The MAATA Annual Meeting Committee is AWESOME!


Brian J. Hughes ATC, LAT
MAATA Annual Meeting Coordinator