MAATA Call for Applicant – Student Executive Director

District 5 is sending a call for individuals interested in serving on the Student Leadership Committee for the 2019-2020 academic school year. The elected position will be for District V’s student Executive Director as well as representing District V on the NATA SLC. Even if you feel like you don’t have the experience, if you’re even a little interested in this consider it a good opportunity to develop your leadership skills, network with athletic trainers and students across the district, and set yourself apart from peers as you seek jobs later.

The election timeline is as follows:

I. October 17th – Call for applicants goes out
II. November 26th – All candidate materials due (Each state may put forward one candidate)
III. November 29th – Committee trims candidate pool down to 2
IV. November 30th – Student voting goes live
V. December 21st – Student voting closes
VI. December 31st – All votes are tabulated and finalized
VII. January 1st – Candidates are notified, and results are announced.

The elected individual is obligated to attend the 2019 District V Symposium in Tulsa, Oklahoma and will have the financial support to do so. This is where he/she will officially take office as the Executive Director. The future Executive Director will have multiple months to become fully comfortable before officially taking office. Specific Information about the position can be found on the MAATA website or by using this link:

Please send your application materials via email to your MAATA State Representative no later than Monday, November 26th. The application packet should consist of:

1. Letter of nomination from the Program Director/ATP Faculty Member, stating what office they are endorsing the student for and why the candidate should be selected.
2. Cover letter from the student explaining why he/she desires to serve on the MAATA SLC as the Executive Director.
3. Reference list and resume detailing the student’s academic, athletic training, and service records, along with any other pertinent information.

State Representatives and *Advisors:

North Dakota: Clarissa Ramirez –
South Dakota: *Taryn West –
Nebraska: Carly Hirchert –
Kansas: Jasmine Hernandez –
Oklahoma: *Leah Cox –
Iowa: Kelsey Kramer –
Missouri: Jessica Cobban –