IMPORTANT-Proposed Changes to MAATA By-Laws


MAATA members,

The MAATA Board of Directors (BOD) has been closely evaluating how and when the elected members take office. The BOD voted to change the Policies and Procedures so that all officer elections take place in late fall, instead of running some elections in the spring and others in the fall.  This gives newly elected officers more time to prepare and an opportunity to attend the NATA’s Joint Committee Meeting that takes place in late January.   Currently, once elections are complete, the District Director and District president take office in June during the NATA convention.  The District Secretary and Treasurer assume their new duties in March at the annual MAATA meeting.  This is a little confusing and made timing of the elections difficult.  To be honest, although past secretaries and treasurers officially took office in March, the former secretary and treasurer really kept doing the duties at least to get through the meeting and to get ahead for the June convention.  It was just easier.  The MAATA BOD proposed that we change the ByLaws to reflect what already makes sense, and what we kinda do already.  The MAATA BOD has proposed to change the official start date for new secretaries and treasurers to the NATA national convention in June.   This allows for an easier transition and makes the voting schedule the same for all positions.  Changes in the ByLaws require a vote from the District membership.  Please take a look at the changes (highlighted in yellow).  If you really want some excitement, read the entire ByLaws.   If you have any questions about the changes, bring them up at the meeting in LaVista or contact your state representative to the BOD or contact President Boyd.  Voting on the changes will take place electronically beginning at noon on March 12, 2018 and closing at noon on March 26, 2018.  You will receive an email with the link.  Please take the time (just a few seconds) to vote.

MAATA ByLaws - election.pdf

Michelle Boyd
MAATA President