District Director Update – October 2018

District 5 Director Mark Coberly

Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act – Don’t Underestimate the Importance

Unless you are living under a rock (or working 16 hour days and don’t see the news!), the President signed into law the Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act on October 5th, 2018.  This law was driven by the NATA and joined by several other sports medicine organizations and was years in the making.  The passing of this law is incredibly important for any AT and physician who travel with teams and cross state lines.  The law guarantees their ability to deliver health care to their patients appropriately and remain protected by their professional practice insurance.  More importantly, it puts a law on the books at the federal level which specifically identifies the AT as an in important health care professional and has led to familiarity of the profession by all federal legislators.  The importance of getting this law passed and the process of educating legislators on the profession, what we do, and our role in sports medicine cannot be underestimated in future legislative endeavors.  Many thanks are due to the NATA governmental relations department, but none of this would have been possible without the many ATs who took time to contact their legislators, write notes, send e-mails, and travel to Washington DC to relay the importance of this to their representatives and senators.  The work done by members of District 5 with their legislators was nothing short of amazing, so thanks to every one of you who helped get this accomplished.  Be assured, the work done on this legislation has laid the foundation for further legislation to be introduced important to protecting and advancing our profession, we are just getting started!

NATA Salary Survey – One of the Most Important Things You Can Do for ATs

On October 13th, 2018, the NATA sent e-mails to the membership with links to complete the NATA Salary Survey.  As I mentioned two years ago, this survey provides information on the state of the profession and allows enables our members and our leadership to utilize this data to analyze and compare salaries and benefits provided across the country.  This survey is an important member benefit, but is only as good as the data collected.  It is imperative that we have a large sample size from all areas of practice in the profession to allow this to be accurate and truly representative of what our current state is. Over 2,500 members completed the survey in the first two days following the release.  If you did not receive the e-mail in your inbox, check the spam folder from an e-mail from surveys@mckinley-advisors.com.  This survey is only open for two weeks (October 27th), so please make the time for 10 minutes it takes to complete this and provide information which is used to help us advance the profession.

Election Upcoming!

Beginning October 22nd, 2018 we will have an election for District Director and District Secretary.  The District Director position will take office in June 2020, but will start shadowing in June 2019 in Las Vegas.   Candidates for District Director are Rob Marshall and Doug Long, and candidates for District Secretary are Kitty Newsham and Sara Bjerke.  Please check the MAATA website for important information on the candidates including video presentations by them.  Check your e-mails starting October 22nd for your ballot and PLEASE take the time to vote!  Voting will close on November 11, 2018.

As always, it is an honor and privilege to represent all of you in District 5 on the NATA Board. Feel free to contact me anytime at coberley@iastate.edu with issues you believe the NATA should be aware of or assist you with.

NATA District 5 Director