District Director Update – Fall 2018

District 5 Director Mark Coberly

District Director Update – Fall 2018

Happy Fall!  The start of another year of sport brings excitement in the air.  There is excitement with the kick-off of several key initiatives from the NATA as we head into this new season as well!

Gather – Your new communications hub for everything Athletic Training

Last month, the NATA rolled out our newest member benefit – Gather, the online home for ATs. Gather is the place for NATA members to share ideas, best practices, resources, challenges and more.

Gather currently hosts an all-member community, “The Den”, that encourages discussion about anything and everything related to the work and life of an AT. As the community grows and our members continue to engage, we will begin additional communities based on setting, role, interest area and more depending on what YOU want to see.  Gather allows members to update and share documents, and is fully searchable.

We’ve heard you ask for better ways to connect with your peers. You’ve asked for ways to create groups based on the day-to-day specific needs of your role. You’ve asked for resources to help manage work/life balance. Gather can be all of these things and more.

This is just the beginning. Over time Gather will evolve and grow to be one of your most used NATA resources. We can’t wait to see it take shape. Jump in today! Go to Gather.nata.org, and log in with your NATA website login information. Set up your profile and dive into a conversation – or start a discussion of your own.

NATAPAC Makes Changes for Future Advancement

The NATA Political Action Committee (NATAPAC) functions to raise funds to provide contributions to elected officials in the federal government who share the vision and goals of the athletic training profession.  Most health care professions have established PACs.  Having a presence federally is a key factor in the advancement and protection of the athletic training profession.  In June, the NATAPAC Board voted to revise the Bylaws and restructured to allow the PAC to be better positioned to reach financial goals and gains needed to ensure visible presence in Washington DC.  This restructuring promotes more member involvement and increase participation in advancing financial fundraising.

We need a significant advancement in funding of the PAC to compete with our peers.  To make this happen, you can make a significant difference with the PAC with very little effort.  It’s as easy as giving up one gourmet coffee or anything worth $5 each month and use that money for the PAC.  As we noted at the MAATA meeting in March, if MAATA members each did a monthly $5 contribution to the PAC, we would have a $180,000 PAC from our district alone.  Multiply this by 10 districts and our PAC is very powerful in Washington DC in all issues sports medicine.  Please consider signing up for a recurring financial contribution to the PAC.  It is easy.  Recurring contributions can be established quickly and painlessly by going to www.natapac.org.

NATA National Committee Positions Open

We currently have two NATA national committee positions open which will take office in June 2019.  We have openings on the Athletic Trainer Service Award Committee and the Public Relations Committee.  If you are interested in serving on either of these committees, please send an email with letter of interest and your resume/vitae to me by September 15th, 2018 at coberley@iastate.edu.

Election Upcoming!

Later this Fall, we will have an election for District Director and District Secretary.  The District Director position will take office in June 2020, but will start shadowing in June 2019 in Las Vegas.   Look for details on the election starting in October.  Become familiar with the candidates, and please take the time to vote for those who will be representing you at both the National and District levels.

As always, it is an honor and privilege to represent all of you in District 5 on the NATA Board. Feel free to contact me anytime at coberley@iastate.edu with issues you believe the NATA should be aware of or assist you with.

Have a happy and healthy start to the new season!

NATA District 5 Director