Registration Directions for vMAATA on ICEU:

Cost: $30, run by ICEU and a registrant must use a debit or credit card.

1. Go to ICEU learning platform

2. Then click on the light blue sign in button on the top right corner

3. See Welcome Back to ICEU Pop Up.

4. New Users – See text on bottom, Not a member yet? Sign up (link in blue)

5. Click on the Blue Sign Up link

6. Enter your: First Name, Last Name, email address and password (remember your password) for Welcome back screen.

7. Click on Box – agree to all terms and conditions and then click on the blue box (Register new account)

8. Take you back to the Welcome Back screen for you to log in with the username: email and password you just registered with. Once you enter your email and password, click on the sign in box.

9. Once logged in click on browse and then click on Athletic Training.

10. See VMAATA 2021 (hover over tile – Blue box with white text) See Course information.

11. Click on VMAATA 2021 (Load the course).

12. Then click on Buy now button (which adds the course to your shopping cart)

13. Click on Proceed to checkout button

14. Then add your billing information under Promotion’s box.

15. Next it will instruct you to add your payment information

16. Follow the rest of the information to checkout of shopping cart.