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Young Professionals’ Committee Distinction Award

Young Professionals’ Committee Distinction Award

Award Overview and Information

This award is a unique and prestigious award for the District 5 Young Professionals. The Young Professionals’ Committee (YPC) wishes to recognize a young professional athletic trainer who has made a definitive impact on the athletic training profession and association at the various levels of organization (national, district, state). This is a meritorious award that reaches the depth and breadth of the nominee’s character, clinical skills/knowledge/abilities, and selfless service:

  1. The nominee embodies and contributes to the ideas, goals, and mission of District 5 and the District 5 YPC.
  2. The nominee has demonstrated a high level of service, professionalism, and competence in their place of work.
  3. The nominee maintains the highest level of honor, respect, and integrity in their professional setting and to the community.
  4. The nominee has demonstrated initiative, leadership, and ability to inspire other professionals where the profession has directly benefited
  5. Nominee demonstrates extracurricular activities, life balance, and time management skills.

The selection committee encourages the sponsor to review the award and it’s criterion before submitting the nomination of the candidate. The sponsor will initiate, collect, and be responsible for the gathering and submission of materials. We encourage recommendations be a concise and descriptive narrative of the nominee as he or she fits the award description. Letters of recommendation are not limited to one page. We also encourage collaboration with other writers of support in a “team” approach to ensure all perspectives and information are included.


  • All materials are due by December 31
  • Award recipient will be notified by the YPC chair by February 1

Complete Award Information, Eligibility and Application Requirements

YPC Distinction Award Application

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