2016 Call for MAATA Student Research Proposals

The 2016 Annual Meeting & Symposium will feature several oral and poster presentations for all Faculty, Staff and Students.

Proposals are now being accepted from those who wish to present at this year’s District – V MAATA meeting. Our goal is to provide Athletic Trainers and other Allied Health Care Professionals from all settings (College/University, Hospital/Clinic, High School, Professional, etc.) with an opportunity to disseminate information through an oral or written forum. Deadline for all abstract submissions is 5:00 PM (CST) on Monday, November 1, 2015. Once submitted, each abstract will go through a blinded peer-reviewed process. Letters of notification will be emailed to the primary/submitting author no later than December 15, 2015.

Oral Presentations:
• Presentations will be scheduled on Saturday morning.
• If accepted, author(s) will be notified of the time of their presentation.
• Each presentation should be 15 minutes in length, followed by a 5-minute question and answer session.

Poster Presentations:
• Posters will be displayed for a specific amount of time on Saturday.
• The author(s) are expected to stand next to their poster during the predetermined time.
• If accepted, author(s) will be notified of the date and time for setting up their poster and the time for which they should be available for question and answers.

Submission Instructions

• Students are expected to have a faculty mentor who has assisted in the review of the abstract being submitted
• All forms must be typed. No handwritten forms will be accepted
• The abstract submission process is similar to the NATAREF peer-reviewed track (www.natafoundation.org).
• Your page margins must be set at 1 inch on all sides using the standard 8.5 x 11 inch format.
• Use Arial 12 point Font with single spacing.
• Provide the title starting at the top left margin.
• On the next line, indent 3 spaces enter the author(s) last name, then initials (without spaces or periods), followed by a comma, and continue for all additional authors (if any), end with a colon.
• Following the colon, indicate the institution (including city and state) where the research was conducted (author and institutional information does not count in the word limit).
• Abstract structured headings must be per NATAREF guidelines (e.g. Context, Objective, Design, Setting, …).
• Those submitting “Tips from the Field” do not have to follow a structured heading. Submissions should be structured in a logical fashion.
• There is a 450-word limit for Basic Research, Meta-Analysis Research, Systematic Reviews, and Qualitative or Survey submissions.
• There is a 600-word limit for Clinical Case Reports, Clinical Case Series, Current Issues, or Tips from the Field.
• Limit is on words, not characters. Do not use bullets, italics, bold or underline to emphasize major points.
• The abstract must be typed using a word processing program and inserted on the next page of this abstract submission form.
• The primary author submitting the proposal should receive notification of acceptance on or around December 15, 2014
• Please direct questions to: Jennifer Volberding PhD, LAT, ATC Jennifer.volberding@okstate.edu
• Submissions must be sent to d5.studentabstracts@gmail.com


MAATA Student Research Proposal

MAATA Student Research Proposal

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